Who Are We?

Culinary science encompasses multiple disciplines from chemical and physical properties of foods, cooking techniques, the art of presentation, hospitality, and management.  Chef Aref Alina is one such culinary scientist with the ability to provide a blend of science and art as food to treat your tastebuds.  Here at AZ Kabob, Chef Aref, a native of Iran, has studied the art of culinary traditions from various regions in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region.  In his quest to deliver the most authentic taste to your palate he recreates the exceptional flavors and fragrances of the East and satiates every appetite.

Our food is authentic with a homemade sensation.  To recreate the memories of meals your grandmother’s kitchen, delicious flavors and traditional methods have been incorporated to ensure a genuine dining experience at AZ Kabob. Such experience is accomplished only through fresh ingredients and uncompromising quality.  To complete the experience, our chef offers fresh-made pastries and other traditional desserts.  The pastries melt in your mouth and sweeten your palate. To cleanse your palate, our chef offers slowly brewed Persian tea.

Apart from giving you a sensational experience, AZ Kabob will give you the opportunity to impress your guests as well. When you cater from AZ Kabob, you will be able to serve your guests at home and complement the joy of your festivities. They are going to be impressed with the food AZ Kabob serves. After four years as a head chef and manager at a local Middle Eastern restaurant, Chef Aref has moved on to establish his own business. AZ Kabob is the culmination of a dream to serve and satisfy guests who long for authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.  Feast on!

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